Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This conversation was sent in by a listener who shall be known as Limesack, and he knows why. Good stuff, Limesack. Keep them coming.

Random User: Crimson (picture of a hippy swirl)

Limesack: I shampooed my carpet today

Crimson: That's ambitious

Limesack: Not as ambitious as wiping my childs ass

Crimson: I guess so if the child is capable of doing it themselves

Limesack: My child was born without arms

Crimson: That sucks but why would you even classify wiping their ass as ambitious?

Crimson: That is just parenting

Limesack: Cuz he's a fancy nigga!

Crimson: Yea, not buying it!

Limesack: Is that a hippy picture?

Never heard back from her again!

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  1. As a wordfeud addict I am looking forward to more entries!