Friday, June 29, 2012

Get Your Red Hots!

Limesack submitted another conversation, and this one gets a little deep. Enjoy!

Random User: Redsoxxx (picture of his baby dressed in Red Sox outfit)

Limesack: Do u ever use a redsock when you masterbate?

Redsoxxx: Once in awhile got to do what ya gotta do

Limesack: Ya I know what u mean, I try sticking hot dogs in my anus but the always crumble : (

Redsoxxx: Freeze a couple

Limesack: Damn what a great idea! I didn't think of that, I was gonna move onto a carrot but don't wanna poke and bleed! (445pm)

No response.

Limesack: My hotdogs are almost frozen! (955pm)

No response, the next day I respond.

Limesack: Last night I used the frozen hotdogs in my anus, it was the greatest feeling ever! When they fully defrosted I ate them with a glass of milk.


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