Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alert the Authorities!

This dillweed thought she would threaten me with the coppers. Not happening. Funny stuff, though.

Kevin: I love a woman with a really hairy butt. Running my fingers through it is divine.

CopGirl: I love that my father is a sherriff ur move

Kevin: Does your father love that you can't spell sheriff?

CopGirl: Does your parents know ur a pervert?

Kevin: Do your parents know that the school system has failed you? Do you even know your dad?

CopGirl: Ur 1 sick person

Kevin: I'm sick for pointing out your terrible spelling and grammar? Okay.

Kevin: When was your last brain scan?

She resigns.

Kevin: Dummy.

CopGirl: Stop getting a nut off my time u filing pervert

I don't even know what that means.

Kevin: Double dildo dummy.

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