Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Call of... Period?

For this one, I changed my profile pic to a close-up of strawberries. Oh, and I pretended to be a woman, but that will be obvious by my first sentence. I'm pretty sure my opponent was also a guy based on the smartass remarks.

Kevin: I'm totally having my period right now. I HATE the heavy days.

A$$: Me too

Kevin: Wtf right? I started having cramps last night and KNEW this shit would start today. Now my bf is all pissed cuz i wouldn't let him go down on me this morning. That's so gross.

Kevin: Srsly, chunks are coming out of me. I think i had a miscarriage.

Kevin: Ever have that? My cunt hurts.

A$$: My worst is when my ass bleeds.

Kevin: During ur period? Had that happen. Usually after i let my bf fuck my ass. Hes big.

A$$: Must be a nigger in you

I really don't know why people think this is okay to say just because they're hidden online, but I just went with it.

Kevin: He has a big black dick. Almost 12. Thick as an Alabama tree stump. My dad hates him.

A$$: Wow. And your tits and pussy look like

A$$: Just watched porn for three hours and played Wii at the same time. The went fishing and ate raw meat. Yeah!

Kevin: How big is your pussy? I have very long labia. My vagina looks like Cthulu.

Kevin: I should call it Cunthulu!

He just quit playing after that. I couldn't be topped.

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